by LOLShock

What is LOLTrain?

LOLTrain is a well known shock site featuring four men sexually penetrating each other in what appears to be sexual intercourse. The image features the text "All aboard the MAN TRAIN". The men are in front of an indoor soccer goal and are performing the sexual act while wearing indoor soccer clothes and shoes.

What does LOLTrain mean?

The term 'LOL Train' was derived from the train like nature of the image. Each of the four men in this artistic work are line up and connected together in a train like formation. It is believed that the man on the far right is called 'Thomas'. The term LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud, indicating that the practitioners performing the 'LOLTrain' may derive amusement from the experience. The image suggests themes of team work and masculinity in the modern age. Others have interpreted the image as being a commentary on the state of world football and the intrusion of the media into the lives of the players and coaches.

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